Our Vision

Our proactive customer service, excellence in quality and unparalleled economical products will make us the best.We are totally committed to upgrading social, economic and environmental conditions of mankind.

Global Network

Vernium  Germany based Textile Dyes and Auxiliaries Manufactures’s employees are directly on the ground around the world. Not only are they as native speakers able to communicate, but as proven chemistry/textiles experts.

We're all working together; that's Vernium!!

Building expertise is not something that happens overnight. Knowledge has to be acquired, increased and, above all, passed on over years. Vernium has practised this philosophy for more than 30 years.

Our colleagues, who by now work in more than 10 locations worldwide, are proof of this. Even the smallest details are developed together by an international exchange of experience in the„ Vernium Eco System“ in order to be able to combine and reflect the requirements of a wide variety of cultures. This enables us to convey our strict rules and regulations as part of a personally created value chain, even in regions in which people take liberties with environmental protection and sustainability.

Similarly, we also react to people‘s particular needs on site in that we ensure that our measures are also implemented in these production facilities and laboratories, faithful to the motto: „Think global, act local!“.


we treat all our customers, partners, employees and suppliers with trust and we are in turn trustworthy, upstanding and serious.


we aim for excellence in everything we do, in treating our customers and partners and in training our employees, in the raw material used, in the quality of the service provided, in the beauty of manufactured products and in every detail of each individual product.s.


we act upstanding and honestly in all our business endeavors.we exist and operate to provide services in the textile finishing and processing industry, and thus we have tremendous respect for our clients and we remain in their service.


we are loyal to our clients, we ensure their confidentiality and develop solid, long-lasting partnerships.


we are organized and certified at the highest quality standards and that is why our clients rely on the guarantee of a constant and super-quality service.


we act responsibly in every aspect of client product management and processing, so that they can have a maximum benefit from collaborating with us.


  • When it comes to quality of dyes and chemicals, there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but Vernium help you make it happen. They have enabled me, guide me and supported in timely to achieve the orders. their engaging customers and industry commentators alike, and bringing the business great results.

    Thanks vernium,

    Technical Manager, Dyeing & Finishing, NICE DYEING FACTORY LTD ( 桂贤石业股份有限公司 )
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